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Simply put, Alex does a lot of different stuff...

  In the same week you might find him scoring a documentary film, singing Frankie Valli with Jukebox Live!, playing some jazz around town, composing post-pop solo tunes, teaching voice or piano to his wicked students, singing for the kids at daycare, firing up the hymns at the United church, conducting a musical, providing music for a funeral or wedding, creating a sound design for a play or writing a self-gratifying website bio.

   Alex completed his bachelor of music degree in opera performance from UBC and his master of music studies  in opera performance from Griffith University in Brisbane, AU.  Don't let any of the classical music stereotypes fool you though, Alex is as adept at pop, jazz, rock and dance music as he is at creating classical music.  

   Since returning from Australia in 2007 Alex has music directed with Theatre New Brunswick's Theatre School, Christmas at the Playhouse and  Fredericton Youth Orchestra.. He produced and performed in a fully staged and orchestrated performance Dido and Aeneas. He has written film score music for award winning feature length and short films. He has taught some of the finest voice and piano students young and old. He has performed with some of the coolest people in the industry and has lived to tell the tale.  Most recently Alex has produced his debut album of electronic revolution songs and lullabies Sapiophobic under the pseudonym Good Badger,